segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

The classic comes to SWF!

Lets put some game stuff in here o/

Today I'll show you, this excpetional and addicting Flash game:
Super Smash Flash! The Flash version of the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. series.

Oh yes, it's real and you can play it on your PC, and the best part is the System Requeriments: Last version of Adobe Flash Player.

And if you are thinking this games sux because of the graphics ("this thing was made in flash, you gotta be kidding me lol"), why dont you take a look at this gameplay?

Yes, i knew you would change your mind.
To download the game, visit:
at the 'Games" section you'll find it.

That's it, hope you like!

domingo, 20 de março de 2011

That is cool(iris)

What do you think about a nice video/image 3D gallery on your site, blog or even on your iPhone and desktop(which have more options besides the gallery - i.e. watch TV, shopping, play games, etc)?

I think you have already heard about Cooliris, that does exactly what i said.

It is not fully made in Flash, but to put it on your blog/website as the example below, you just need to embed a standard SWF object code for the Cooliris Wall into your HTML page, so, i think it can be aplied in the blog theme(Flash).

And, it's damn cool, lol.

Take a look:

To build your own, you just need to visit:
and follow a few steps.

No more static galleries! \o/

Hope you like it!