segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

The classic comes to SWF!

Lets put some game stuff in here o/

Today I'll show you, this excpetional and addicting Flash game:
Super Smash Flash! The Flash version of the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. series.

Oh yes, it's real and you can play it on your PC, and the best part is the System Requeriments: Last version of Adobe Flash Player.

And if you are thinking this games sux because of the graphics ("this thing was made in flash, you gotta be kidding me lol"), why dont you take a look at this gameplay?

Yes, i knew you would change your mind.
To download the game, visit:
at the 'Games" section you'll find it.

That's it, hope you like!

19 comentários:

  1. I really like your blog, I'll be supportive and follow along :)

  2. That looks awesome, I'ma get that right now.

  3. damn, this is awesome!! thanks for sharing it, can't believe i haven't it seen it anywhere else on the web :S it's one of my favourite games of all time, hands down.

  4. super smash bros used to be the go to stoner game...

  5. Great choice to post! you should try Giana Sister game :))

  6. SSBM and SSBB are the best games ever. I will try this one.

  7. Man the amount of hours I have played this game on Wii with my flatemates..... have to tell them about it

  8. Awesome game! I love the original, and I love this flash one!

  9. That actually looks kind of awesome.
    Might download.